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Hibiki Kobayashi

  • Violin



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Hibiki Kobayashi

Hibiki Kobayashi started to take violin lessons when she was two years old. In the spring of 1983 when she was 14 years old, she was impressed by the performance of Israel Philharmonic, and decided to study in Israel. After studying in Israel and at Berlin University of Arts, she received the top degree of Artists diploma of Tronto Royal Conservator in 1992. She also joined in Arthur-Leblanc String Quartet. She has studied violin with Kyoko Suzuki, Koji Toyoda, Chaim Taub(the ex-concertmaster of Israel Philharmonic), Sandor Beag, Lorand Fenyves, and Jose-Luisgarcia(the ex-cheif violinist of England Chamber Orchestra). Since 14 years old, she went to Israel, she was always sigled out for a soloist of the International Musical Festival in Germany, England, Hungary, Canada, and America. She also got chances to play in concerts with the famous players; the members of Berlin Philharmonic, P.Zuckerman, U.Bassúmet, Lorand Fenyves, Jose-Luisgarcia. Since 17 years old, she has performed at many concert halls in Canada, Europe, and Japan, and been extolled. After joined in String Quartet, she played with Borodin, Shostakovich, Kocian, Emason Sting Quartet, James Cambell, Marc-André Hamelin, Alvaro Pierri, Rivka Golani, Miyako Yamane. In 1997, she released the first CD from Canada Fonovox, and in 1998 she released two more CDs. The quartet recently recorded the Shostakovich’s entire string quartets in five discs.

As soloist, she continues to be engaged with many prestigious orchestras in the world, and one of them was in December 2009, that she played with the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic under the baton of Adam Fischer. Since 2005, Kobayashi has been the guest professor of Laval University in Canada.