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Alexander Yakovlev

  • Piano
  • Russia
  • 2016.12/2014.2



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Alexander Yakovlev, piano

Yakovlev has a greate talent…

Magical performer from Russia…

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Alexander Yakovlev was born in 1981 in Rostov-on-Don in South Russia. He started to take his music lessons at the age of 6. After graduation from Rostov-on-Don Conservatoire he made his postgraduate studies thereunder supervision of Professor Osipenko, who, in his turn, had been taught by the legendary pianist -Lev Oborin. Alexandr carried on his education in Salzburg at the “Mozarteum Academy”with professor Liubimov and then at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) with professor Devoyon. He took masterclasses with such eminent professors like: Mikhail Voskresensky,Vladimir Krainev, Vincenzo Balizani.



The Pianist’s international career began in 2006 in Rome (Italy), at the Piano Competition, where he won the first prize and was awarded a Grand concert piano.

During the period of 2006-2009 Alexander Yakovlev became the first winner more than 50 (!!), and 10 times he was the second at the world renowned competitions such as Cantu International Piano Competition, Varallo International Competition, Pinerolo International

Competition, Mendelssohn Piano Competition in Taurisano, A.M.A Calabria Piano Competition (Italy),etc. The Spanish victorious

list includes Compositores de Espana International Piano Competition, Palma de Malorca International Piano Competition, Huesca International Piano Competition ,Feroll, Valencia, Campilos piano competitions …and others.

The pianist got numerous awards and Grand-Prizes at the competitions held in Geneva, Berlin, Naples, Kiev and Moscow.

In 2010 he won Takamatsu International piano competition in Japan and “Parnassos-Marcatel” International piano competition in Mexico.


Alexander Yakovlev appears regularly in the amous concert halls like Tchaikovsky Hall (Moscow), Berlin Philharmonie Big Hall (Berlin),Victoria Hall (Geneva), Palau (Barcelona), Palau Valencia(Valencia), La Sapiensa (Rome) ,San Barnaba (Brescia),

Bilbena Theater (Mantua) ,Auditorio Zaragoza and others…


The pianist has collaborated with the world’s best known orchestras, such as Berlin Symphony Orchestra, Suise Romande Orchestra (Swiss),

Tokyo Chamber Orchestra,Osaka Symphony Orchestra in Japan, Rostov Symphony Orchestra, Rome Chamber Orchestra, Phillarmonic Orchestra “Mihail Jora” with such prominent conductors as S. Kogan, R. Martynov, O. Balan, N. Samale, D. Yablonsky, K. Nagano, S. Tsutsumi.


Records of the pianist’s performances have been released by “Harp” ( Germany) and “Sounare” ( Italy).

Recordings for Deutschland Radio Kultur ,Radio Vaticano, Radio RAI Italy and RNE Radio Clasica, Madrid amongst others.


In May, 2009 Alexander was the youngest member of the jury for 2 prestigious international competitions in Italy: Cantu International Piano Competition, and Mendelssohn International Piano Competition.


Alexander Yakovlev has been regularly presenting recitals throughout Europe.

He’s well known in Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, Berlin, Dortmund, Salzburg, Viena, Sofia, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and Barcelona.

The pianist has been engaged for numerous concerts in 2011-2012: the artistic tours are to be held in Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the USA.

Alexander Yakovlev has built a strong reputation as a multifaceted artist. He’s keen on philosophy, theatre, jazz, engineering and composition. He speaks English, German and Italian.

Alexander lives and works in Rostov(in Rostov state conservatory). He loves his city and he is always happy to be back home after the long artistic tours..


The Honored Member of “The Artists’ Guild”

The Honored member of “The Guild of Composers”

Doctor of Arts, Professor