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New Trombone Collective

  • Trombone Ensemble
  • the Netherlands
  • 2021.3


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Trombonists, they’re special people. For the trombone is an instrument you have to work hard on, and work on together. That’s the special thing. Trombonists always look for a link, have an open mind and provide as a collective a solid base in orchestras. The collective, that is the highest goal for trombonists and maybe that’s also the difference with other instrumentalists…who are traditionally the soloists. 


The result is that the training to be a professional trombonist not only focuses on the individual but also on the collective. Some people in Rotterdam understood that. It started around the late eighties and early nineties. A special club of trombonists came together at the conservatory … there George Wiegel and later Ben van Dijk, Bart van Lier and Michel Becquet, started working with an unique group of talented students. They began to look for new initiatives for the trombone as an instrument and at the same time these men enhanced the trombone sections in the Dutch orchestras and ensembles.

Since 2001, the collective has a name and the New Trombone Collective exists. This embodies the “spirit” of the real trombonist. Together developing the instrument and together inspiring talent. The close-knit group of friends is active in various areas. They do everything to successfully promote the trombone and its music to the widest possible public. With their unparalleled passion and enthusiasm they have won prizes such as the Elly Ameling Prize and the ITA Award. They also realized great projects such as the European Trombone Festival Slide Factory, the Young Trombone Collective and the tribute to Urbie Green as well as publishing music, cooperating with the tour of the American Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner and Nico Muhly and having their own App. Partly due to its close collaboration with composers, the New Trombone Collective presents surprising combinations of instruments, styles and playing techniques without losing sight of the existing jazz, modern or classical repertoire.

To combine their busy careers with the New Trombone Collective is obviously a challenge. With this they are also creative and often help each other. This means that they are together at least 2x a year for special and inspiring projects in the Netherlands and abroad. No concert is predictable or the same and you can count on surprise, creativity and innovation! Follow the New Trombone Collective via website, newsletter, facebook and app to stay informed and if there’s the chance to see them live then don’t hesitate. Make sure you’re there!


Brandt Attema (Bass Trombone)

Brandt studied with Ben van Dijk at the conservatory of Rotterdam and finished his studies with the highest honors.

He is a member of the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra since 1999. In addition, he is part of the Dutch Wind Ensemble, the New Trombone Collective and he forms a duo with harpist Astrid Haring. As a substitute he has played with, amongst others, the Asko|Schoenberg ensemble and many great orchestras such as the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

In September 1999 Brandt Attema won the international competition for bass trombone in Guebwiller – France. Since then he is a soloist and clinician at numerous festivals throughout the world.

Brandt Attema is professor of bass trombone at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague and at Codarts Rotterdam.


Mark Boonstra (Bass Trombone)

Mark studied with George Wiegel and Ben van Dijk.

He joined several master classes with Michel Becquet, Christian Lindberg, Bart van Lier, Viktor Summerkin and Patrick Sheridan. He completed his master’s degree at the Conservatory of Rotterdam on the contrabass- and basstrombone.

Mark participated in the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra and plays as a substitute with, amongst others, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Gelders Orchestra and the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra.

Since March 2002 Mark is bass trombonist with The Brabants Orchestra in Eindhoven, now called philharmonie zuidnederland. In addition he makes part of the New Trombone Collective and the David Kweksilber BigBand.


Remko de Jager (Tenor Trombone)

Remko studied with George Wiegel at the conservatory of Rotterdam and graduated cum laude.

Since 1997 Remko is tenor / bass trombonist of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In addition he plays in ensembles like the Domestica Rotterdam, the Doelen Ensemble, the New Trombone Collective and he performs regularly in special projects with the trombone / tuba-group of the Rotterdam Philharmonic. He is also active as soloist and he gives lessons to both children and adults, amateurs, conservatory students and professionals.

Remko de Jager teaches trombone and methodology at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.


Koen Kaptijn (Tenor Trombone)

Koen (1976) is besides trombonist also composer and dramatist. In 2000 he graduated at the conservatory of Rotterdam and played with De Volharding and the Maarten Altena Ensemble.  

Today Koen is member of Trio 7090, De Koene Ridders, New Trombone Collective, Asko/Schönberg Ensemble, Nieuw Ensemble, Rosa Ensemble, Splendor Amsterdam, David Kweksilber Big Band, Clazz Ensemble, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Veenfabriek and Orkater.

He also works on a freelance basis to a cavalcade of exciting project



Sebastiaan Kemner (Tenor Trombone)

Sebastiaan (2000) studied with Jörgen van Rijen, Pierre Volders, Remko de Jager and Ben van Dijk at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

In 2012 he completed his Bachelor with the highest distinction. Right after that he started at the famous Herbert von Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Sebastiaan regularly performs as a soloist, chamber musician and on an incidental basis with professional orchestras and ensembles such as the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 2012 Sebastiaan became the newest member of the New Trombone Collective.



Jörgen van Rijen (Tenor Trombone)

Jörgen studied with George Wiegel and Michel Becquet and graduated summa cum laude.

Besides his work as the principal trombonist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, he has become a frequently requested soloist. He also gives masterclasses all over the world and he has a series of CD’s on his name. He was awarded the Netherlands Music Prize, the highest distinction in the field of music from the Dutch Ministry of Culture and he received the prestigious Borletti-Buitoni Trust Award. He also won several other prizes, including first prizes at the international trombone competitions of Toulon and Guebwiller.

Jörgen van Rijen teaches at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.


Alexander Verbeek (Tenor Trombone)

In 1998 Alexander (1978) achieved his teaching degree at Rotterdam Conservatory with George Wiegel and in 2000 he achieved his Performing Musician diploma.

In addition of being solo trombonist with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Alexander is member of the New Trombone Collective and of the Dutch Wind Ensemble. He is actively involved in numerous musical and educational projects and has played in renowned orchestras such as the Chamber Orchestra of Europe and the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.

Alexander Verbeek teaches at Codarts Conservatory Rotterdam.


Pierre Volders (Tenor Trombone)

Pierre (1972) began his musical career at the Rotterdam Conservatory where he majored trombone and conducting with George Wiegel (trombone), Jaap Koops and Arie van Beek (conducting).

Pierre graduated cum laude in 1998 and he graduated in 1999 his “high diploma” of conducting with The Marine Band of the Royal Navy. As a trombonist, Pierre worked from 1995-1997 with the Dutch Ballet Orchestra. Since 1997 he holds this position with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Pierre is member of the New Trombone Collective and the World Orchestra for Peace. Since 2009 he is musical director of windband Amicitia an brassband Amsterdam Brass.

Pierre Volders teaches at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.


Jeffrey Kant (Tenor Trombone)

Jeffrey Kant(1992) is currently a student at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Jörgen van Rijen, Pierre Volders and Remko de Jager. 

In 2013, during his Bachelor studies, Jeffrey has been studying 1 semester with Michel Becquet at the CNSMD de Lyon as an exchange student. In 2014 he received his Bachelor diploma and in Juni 2016 he hopes to receive his Masters diploma.

From 2015 Jeffrey is appointed solo trombonist with WDR Sinfonieorchester in Cologne (D) and he became a regular member of the New Trombone Collective.