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Mnozil Brass

  • Brass Ensemble
  • Austria
  • 2021.11/2019.12.3-8 /2017.11.21-25/2016.10.19-24 /2015.2.11-21 / 2013.2-3 / 2011.11-12 / 2010.10 / 2009.6 / 2007.12 / 2006.5


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mnozil brass has been around since 1992.

what began in vienna in josef mnozil’s tavern has become so well-known in concert circles that we now hold more than 120 concerts a year around the world.

we play applied brass music for people from all walks of life.

we face every challenge, no tone is too high for us, no lip is too hot and no music is too inferior.

you can see our music and you can smell the stage performance.

in our current show “SEVEN”, we deal with all relevant questions of life, so if something is not clear to you, please come and pay us a visit.



Thomas Gansch (Tp)

He is one of the founding members of the band, at the time having been a mere 17 years old, but nevertheless already having successfully substituted at the Vienna State Opera. However, his love for jazz proved to be the stronger force with the result that Thomas became one of the style-defining trumpet players of the younger generation of Austria musicians.

This guy can play everything on his trumpet: jazz, classical music, crossover tunes and of course everything in between. Furthermore he’s a real whirlwind on stage, always good for a punch line with perfect timing in true stand-up comedian style.

In his tranquil moments he’s composing for us, at the same time preparing his own, independent music projects.



Robert Rother (Tp)

His origins are in Melk upon Danube, the same town Thomas was born in. No surprise that both learnt all polkas, waltzes and marches as early as in their childhood under the rigorous supervision of Thomas´ father, a well-known conductor. Those polkas, waltzes and marches had been the musical foundation of our band in the early years.

Robert is playing tearjerkers so incredibly beautiful, that you go all dewy-eyed simply by thinking about it. With soooo much melodiousness and sooo much vibe. Contrary to Thomas, Robert doesn’t move much around on stage, instead bringing his countenance to bear all the more.



Roman Rindberger (Tp)

He as well was born into a family of musicians, already playing with his father and his two brothers in truly traditional style as early as in his youth. During those folk music events his father Hans, in turn, did meet Gerhard‘s father Franz from time to time, since the Füßl family lived in the neighboring village.

Roman loves the classic-technical passages, treating them with the precision of a Swiss clock-maker. In addition, he even claims to know how all this works in theory! So anybody wishing to acquire greater knowledge on the topic of brass music, please simply ask Roman.

On stage he’s responsible for the Latin Lover part.



Leonhard Paul (Tb)

He is from Mödling, near Vienna and is the first musician among us differing a bit from his family traditions. There is, however, a great uncle who had been a painter for a living, and whose paintings can be easily found in every other bourgeois household in Vienna.

Right now, we’re a bit worried about Leonhard, since he’s increasingly cultivating an inclination for shady characters. While every one of us loves to do the glorious, brilliant hero, he’s regularly making a dive for those parts that allow him to be evil without any restraints. What is going on inside this person?



Gerhard Fussl(Tb)

He grow up almost right next to Roman, likewise having the pleasure of being allowed to learn beautiful airs for wind instruments together with his father as early as in his childhood.

Within the band, he’s the most popular, since he’s responsible for paying us off. So he sure is an appealing figure of the highest caliber and nobody wants to spoil things with him, that’s for sure. Every single one of us treats him with utmost kindness and respect and he, in turn, is also kind to us – most of the times, that is.



Zoltan Kiss (Tb)

One thing is for sure: he didn’t grow up with Austrian folk music a single bit, since his origins are in Budapest. By way of Poland, he finally made his journey to us in Vienna, gladly arriving there and playing quadrilingual trombone ever since.

A popular game within the band consists of putting Zoltan deucedly complicated notes on the music stand, all the while waiting whether he’ll succeed in playing them. And he surely is succeeding, you bet! And how!! His technique on the trombone is stunning us time and again. We’re already working internal bets on who is going to be next composing a piece that even he won’t be able to play.



Wilfried Brandstotter (Tub)

He started his stellar career playing the recorder, subsequently joining the boys‘ choir. After that it was playing the violin, followed by the trumpet, before finally feeling comfortably at ease with the tuba. So, speed is actually not quite his business. To him, life is a slow and wide river. Hence his ambition consists of making all concert halls, including the audience seated herein, being caressed by pleasant vibrations he’s producing with the help of low tones from his tuba. He does not understand at all how come that people get thrilled by fast, high-pitched melodies.