Overseas Artists

Sylvie Hue

  • Clarinet
  • France
  • 2016.5.24-



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  • Biography

Sylvie Hue, clarinet



White a first clarinet-soloist in the French Repu­blican Guard Symphony orchestra, Sylvie Hue made literary studies al the Paris University and at the same time attended the Paris Conservatoire.

A pupil of Guy Deplus and Christian Lardé, she won in 1987 a unanimously awarded first Prize for clarinet which was followed by two chamber­music awards in 1988 when she also graduated in Literature.

A winner of the First Prize at the Tokyo internatio­nal contest in 1988, a laureate at the Prag inter­national contest in 1991, she makes regular public appearances in France and abroad in solo concerts or as an orchestral musician.

Having always shown an interest for the teaching of music, she works currently at the municipal “Claude Debussy” school of music.